... Sherry Buying Bananas at the Market...

We are now off to Otavalo..

Considered to be the most prosperous Indians of South America. They are a beautiful race of people, bronze skin, high cheekbones, and wonderful large dark eyes. The Otavalos Indians wear very traditional costumes that make them look much different than all the other Indians in South America. The men wear their hair very long with one pigtail straight down their back. The womens dresses have rows and rows of layered gold beads,the beads were genuine in the old days to show their wealth. The men wear white linen pants,shirts, sandals, and very dark blue poncho's width fedora hats.

3 Women At Market..

The Saturday market in Otavalo is the very best market in all of Ecuador, no matter how early you start it is not early enough. We stayed at the Hacienda Chorlavi, a beautiful old hacienda from the Colonial days,with stables gardens and beautiful view. It just felt like we were in heaven! The 73 mile drive from Quito takes about 3 hours on the Pan American highway which is not in the best condition it decends the beautiful Guayllababamba Gorge and then climbs out to the Guyallababmba Valley, then on to the very senic... Till This HA!

...3 Little Cows Just Couldn't Resist This Photo~!...

San Pablo Lake and then into the valley of Otavalos. The market starts about 5am in the morning. By 10am many of the stands are already getting ready to pack up and leave. A one day tour hardly gives this market enough time to do it justice.


Street in The Market..

A stop in Calderon is a town known for it's "bread doll figures", San Antonio de Ibbara, known for it's wonderful wood carvings, and a stop in one of the weavings towns to see the real Indian life, and see their spinning process. The Hosteria Cusin or the Hosteria Chorlavi, are both quaint working haciendas from the Colonial days and are loaded with both beauty and charm. These Haciendas are a super base to visit all the markets and surrounding area's.

...Market In Gualaceo ..The Very Best Fruit I Ever Had!..

Gualaceo is a large town located in a valley in the southeast of the Ecuadorian Andes cordillera, and about 20 miles east of the capital Cuenca..

...Market Day ..

...3 Girls On The Road...

Now This May Sound A Bit Odd! But the Only time I got food poison was at home.. HA!

...Meat in The Market... ....A Lovely Family at Market with their Panama Hat's...

...Cute Little Boy Out In The Fields...

...Sugar Cane...

In Ecuador you see many signs that say La Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) which say's that Ecuador is best known for the Equator !

... So! Here We Are Standing Directly on The Equator...